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How to live safely and helpfully during the COVID-19 Crisis

The whole world is currently facing the consequences of the spreading of the coronavirus. While being informed on the virus, statistics and news from governments is extremely important, we believe in a positive, proactive way of tackling these difficult times. Below we have compiled a list of general tips and initiatives that make it possible to receive and offer help in various areas - from helping seniors to making sure children do not miss out on their education. It is beautiful to see how people come together to help one another!

  1. Check hashtags such as #coronahulp on twitter. Here, people can either ask or offer help with things such as doing groceries, offering car rides or taking care of children and seniors. 
  2. Are you a health professional, either retired or still studying? Then the Netherlands offer a platform where you can register and be called in for work whenever needed. The website is Other countries might offer the same, so check the web for options!
  3. Are you a student in the Netherlands that is willing to offer some of your time to socialize with seniors in quarantine over the phone? Then head to and be sure to get some life advice and wisdom!
  4. In most countries people have set up facebook pages that provide opportunities to help those affected by the crisis. The Dutch one can be found under
  5. Have any food waste in your restaurant? Especially during these times it should not be thrown away, so and collect your food waste and turn it into delicious meals. 
  6. As all schools in the Netherlands are closed now provides children with live online lessons. This way they don’t miss out on important material and are kept busy. Check the web for options in other countries!
  7. Quarantine can make us feel extremely lonely. If you experience such feelings sign up under and you’ll be put in contact with others. Because sticking together is so important in a time like this!
  8. We can’t believe we have to say this, but please be kind to one another and do not buy unholy amounts of toilet paper, disinfectant and hand soap. We don’t think anyone wants to live in a society where washing your hands and wiping your butt is a luxury ;)
  9. Do not hoard food either. Not everyone is able to buy and carry large amounts of supplies and many people rely on food banks to survive. By stockpiling food you are hurting the most vulnerable in our society.
  10. Slide a note through the door of your senior downstairs neighbour, or your neighbour who you know has an health issue that makes them more vulnerable. Do not ring their doorbell out of respect that thet maybe really want to isolate themselfs, but write your number on a note with the question how you can help them. Who knows, maybe they have a dog that needs to be walked or a errand you can run for them.

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