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Are the straw straws gluten-free?

"If the straws are made from wheat, how is it possible that they are gluten free?

This is a question that we receive very often. Yes, our straws are gluten-free and here is how:

- Although we use grain plants for our straws, the straws themselves do not contain gluten. The grains’ seeds, which are harvested for food production, are the part of the plant that contain gluten. Not the stalks, so the straws are gluten-free.

- The straws are sterilised and cleaned before they are served in your drinks.

- Last but most important proof: lab tests sow that our straws are gluten-free. A product can be claimed as gluten-free if it contains a maximum of 20 ppm. After 4 rounds of labtests with our straws, the results show a maximum of 5 ppm. Which means that our straw straws are far below the 20 ppm maximum and we can confirm that our straws are indeed gluten-free and safe to use for people with a gluten intolerance.

glutenfree eco-friendly straw straws

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