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It is not just about plastic straws.

Thanks for the nice conversation, Dopper! (Click on news for the story.)

Nope, plastic straws aren't the problem (according to Bloomberg it's only .03% of the 8 million metric tons of plastics estimated to enter the oceans in a given year).
Yet campaigning against it has been a very effective way to hold a foot in the door in showing people that we should stop with single use plastics. It has made consumers, corporates and even the government aware that we need change.
The European Parliament even voted for change two weeks ago.
To me, and for Straw by Straw, this is not about straws. It is not about the plastic cutlery nor the cups... In fact, replacing materials with more sustainable materials is merely a temporary solution. A great one as it accelerates a greener planet.

But what should we do then?
Think about this: we're still living in a system that's been introduced in the '50s, called: the throw-away living. Look around us and almost everything has changed in almost 70 years except this lifestyle. It doesn't match our current lives anymore, considering the environmental impact and increased take away behaviour.

So... what's next?
Rethink, redesign and build a new better system. Want to get in touch? See you tomorrow at Nationaal Sustainability Congress!
Will keep you posted :-)

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