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Why Bamboo Straws are failing us - and why Straw by Straw is better

As the ban on straws across the EU and the U.K. was announced, and while it’s being implemented, the search for eco-friendly, cost effective solutions to replacing plastic straws became a mission for most venues. Whether it be fancy restaurants in the heart of London, your favourite bar or even a simple Best Western hotel, the market inevitably expanded massively. This is how our company came about – Straw by Straw – working to make the world more sustainable, but also affordable for you and your businesses. Furthermore, Bamboo straws entered the scene, and as natural as they are (something they share with our own brand), they also have some adverse side effects on both your drink and your venue – here’s why.


Firstly, the price. While Bamboo straws are regularly heralded as re-usable, these are rarely actually cost effective. For 12 straws, you often pay double what you would pay for 500 of our own, compostable and simple straws. Studies show that re-usable straws are also regularly stolen – along with metal and glass straws people love taking home a souvenir of their trip or simply thinking that they’re allowed to do so, making them rarely cost effective even if used thousands of times! Additionally, bamboo straws are regularly heralded as the toughest to clean and therefore the worst in terms of man hours needed. Bamboo straws will waste time in the store, where you could be simply handing out one of the thousands of straws we can provide you with, and in luxurious packaging too! 

Secondly, Bamboo ruins the customer experience. Not only is it rigid enough that it’s impossible for the disabled to feel safe with it, but much like paper straws it adds a chakly aftertaste to the drink it’s in. Poorer quality comes with the more affordable options, but those that have found solutions to the common issues are far too expensive! Additionally, harder straws can just be flat out dangerous, as proved by metal straws the infamous metal straw incident, so in general it’s better to use softer straws. What Straw by Straw offers is malleable and yet liquid flows through it super easily. 

Finally, bamboo straws are difficult to look after. Not only do they have to be washed because they are reusable, but in most cases they must be hand washed frozen dishwasher and will rot quickly if mistakes are made. The time this takes only adds to the cost and will take away precious worker’s hours from your venue where our one time compostable solution is easy as pie.

If you’d like to make small but powerful changes to your restaurant and consider some plastic alternatives, Straw By Straw IS the place to start. Every day we use thousands of plastic straws around the globe. Why continue with that when there are millions of straws growing in nature every year?

You can buy from us here or read more on our product here.

If you’re a restaurant or events organiser considering taking on our solution, please feel free to contact us via e-mail on ‘’ or on mobile at +31648142608.

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