Sustainable beauty box for her

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Hey ladies, we selected some eco-friendly products beauty products for you! 

Did you know that a bottle of soap or shampoo contains 70% water and 30% basic ingredients? To reduce plastic packaging, we selected some plastic-free bath products that will reduce your footprint and that make your beauty product last longer!


This box contains:

1x Soap bar

1x SoapLift

1x Fentimans 500 ml rhubarb tonic mixer

1x Eco-friendly Straw Straws (100 pcs)

1x Cocktail garnish (dried fruit and herbs)

1x John Altman popcorn - Sweet & Salty

1x John Altman popcorn - Sea Salt


This box comes with a free cocktail glas inside! 


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You surely recognize this, you've just bought a new beautiful piece of natural soap, but with use so much of the soap is lost. Then SoapLift us the solution. 

SoapLift allows water to drain and air to circulate underneath your soap or shampoo bar, making it dry much faster. This decreases the loss of soap and makes your soap or shampoo bar last longer. SoapLift can be used with or without a soap dish.


The brand for botanically brewed drinks. This is the unique technique used in the manufacture of high-quality drinks, which has been passed down from generation to generation of the Fentiman family. This botanical brewing technique is what sets us apart from other carbonated drinks.

Pink Rhubarb Tonic Water

Pink Rhubarb Tonic Water is made with sweet rhubarb and botanical extracts for a tonic that is reminiscent of vintage sweets. Mix with a classic London Dry gin and garnish with lemon and mint sprig. 

John Altman

Sometimes simple is best. Traditional popcorn popped with a hint of sea salt and prepared with lots of love! That's our Sea Salt popcorn!

We popped the corn with the right amount of coconut oil and the right amount of sea salt.... Just try it out and you will love it ;-)

This delicious bag of organic popcorn (22 grams) is made with three ingredients: corn, sea salt, and coconut oil and contains only 104 calories per bag.

Is it sweet? Is it salty? Yes, this taste sensation with the combination of sea salt and caramel has it both! And all in one bag! 

This delicious bag of organic popcorn is made with four ingredients: corn, sea salt, coconut oil and sugar and contains only 144 calories per bag.

Straw straws

Straws made of real straw! These 100% natural drinking straws are perfect for your juices, cocktails and cold drinks.

  • Produced from natural straw
  • Disposable, biodegradable, and compostable
  • Fully plant-based, gluten-free, and vegan-friendly
  • Sleek and smooth shine
  • Suitable for tall glasses