Zero Waste Giftbox Bee's Wrap

€ 29

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This box contains everything you need to implement a sustainable lifestyle easily! The products are highly curated on: quality, aesthetics and sustainable impact.

What are Bee's wraps?

Foodwraps made out of Beeswax. Instead of plastic, aluminium or paper wraps, choose these reusable bee's wraps to wrap your food!


This box contains:

1x Bee's Wrap Medium

1x Fentimans 500 ml Ginger Beer

1x Fentimans 500 ml Yuzu tonic mixer

1x original Fentimans cocktail glass

1x Cocktail garnish (dried fruit and herbs)

1x Eco-friendly Straw Straws (100 pcs)

1x John Altman popcorn - Sweet & Salty

1x John Altman popcorn - Sea Salt

2x 5TH Season Fruit Snacks


Beeswax Wraps

Sustainable food storage from Bee's Wrap! This is a good natural alternative to plastic wrap, because good food deserves good care.

You can cover a bowl, wrap up fruit, bread, sandwiches, cheese and more. Essential for packing school lunches, storing food, and wrapping leftovers.  The best part? Zero plastic waste. 


The brand for botanically brewed drinks. This is the unique technique used in the manufacture of high-quality drinks, which has been passed down from generation to generation of the Fentiman family. This botanical brewing technique is what sets us apart from other carbonated drinks.


1. Oriental Yuzu Tonic

Bright, vibrant and citrusy. Oriental Yuzu Tonic is a refreshing and uplifting mixer. Infused with Yuzu extracts with subtle herbal undertones. Ideal for mixing with a strong London Dry or botanically rich gins. Serve over ice and garnish with a lemon twist.

2. Ginger Beer & Muddled Lime

Made with the finest ginger and natural botanicals for a full flavoured and aromatic mixer. Perfect for mixing with Vodka to create  an exquisite Moscow Mule. 

John Altman

Snacks that make you happy. There are too many snacks with unnecessary additives and unhealthy ingredients. This must and can be done differently. All John Altman snacks are 100% natural, traditionally made and without unnecessary additives or e-numbers.

5TH Season Fruit Snacks

100% natural fruit, processed into a delicious, crunchy snack. Forget about chips, because with these crispy fruits with no added sugar you can snack without feeling guilty