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Providing Support to Businesses during the COVID-19 Crisis

The Corona virus has hit the economy hard. Bars and restaurants have been forced to close until April 6, and various retail chains have also had to shut their doors. In various news and media outlets, we read that many freelancers, small entrepreneurs and even large companies, are suffering financially. In the Netherlands we say: “samen uit, samen thuis”, meaning “out together, at home together”. Now, however, we are all at home together, and hopefully we can go out together again soon! This situation pains us very much and we have been thinking about the ways in which we can help local businesses. Several companies will face financial struggles, but of course we hope that everyone survives these turbulent times. So we compiled a small guide with tips and initiatives that help local businesses. 

  1. Have a look if your favourite restaurant or snack bar delivers food. They might either deliver themselves or can be found on meal delivery platforms such as Uber Eats, Thuisbezorgd, foodora or deliveroo. If they do not deliver don’t be too sad but see it as an opportunity to discover new amazing places in your area!
  2. Call or email your favorite place or store and ask for gift certificates.
  3. Buy these gift certificates if available, as the profits can help make up for the lack of customers this month. And they guarantee you or your friends and family a nice meal, coffee, etc at a later point!
  4. The Dutch website offers the possibility to donate a meal to your favourite restaurant to show support and help them through this difficult time. 
  5. Remember that coffee place, cafe or restaurant you recommend to all your friends or that one place with the nicest staff and most beautiful interior? Let them know how much you appreciate them by writing reviews online and sharing the love!  
  6. A great idea that still needs people’s support to be realized comes from a Dutch designer. He wants to set up a platform where customers can buy vouchers for affected businesses. If you like the idea and can maybe even help him, let him know at
  7. The corona virus is causing a multitude of issues for many businesses. And these complex issues can best be solved by a multitude of minds! Under you can either search for help with an issue or offer your help during a hackathon.
  8. Businesses that are hit hard by the ban of large gatherings and the practice of social distancing are flower shops. But quarantine is so much nicer with a fresh bouquet of flowers on the table, so go and brighten up your apartment! Tested and approved by us!

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