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Straw by Straw - The Inclusive Straw Alternative to Plastic

In 2018-19, a huge campaign took hold across the world. As the issue of climate change and the ruining of our oceans continues to smother the world, activists, both young and old rallied around reducing plastics in our everyday lives. Whether referring to packaging, water bottles or straws, there was a realisation that it needs to be phased out of modern society. However, there was one issue. The alternatives suggested for plastic were not appropriate for disabled people. 

As the ban gained popularity and was legislated for, several anti-ableist campaigners spoke out about their worries. To them, there were no clear fair alternatives. Whether it be the danger of the metal straw, the flimsy nature of the paper straw, or the choking hazard of the pasta/rice straws, this was unfair. Being asked to ‘just bring a straw’ was not adherent to an accessible restaurant space. Below, I’ve featured a detailed chart that talks about all the common (and even the not-so-common) alternatives that were offered and their problems.

Disability straws chart

However, you’ll notice one key item that is missing. Straw, wheat Straws! With our straws, we strike off seven out of these eight issues, the only exception being allergy risk which is superbly rare and in most cases is actually due to a gluten intolerance, while our straws remain gluten free. The malleable, hot liquid enduring and cheap straws we provide are perfect for accessibility. 

Here at Straw by Straw, our goal is to make drinking straws sustainable, cheap, attractive and inclusive all at the same time! We always try our best to get this right for our customers and hope you’ll take up our alternative soon!

If you’d like to make small but powerful changes to your restaurant and consider some plastic alternatives, Straw By Straw might be the place to start. Every day we use thousands of plastic straws around the globe. Why continue with that when there are millions of straws growing in nature every year?

You can buy from us here or read more on our product here.

If you’re a restaurant or events organiser considering taking on our solution, please feel free to contact us via e-mail on ‘’ or on mobile at +31648142608.

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