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NEW! The original sustainable straws for horeca. Pick your size:

100% natural straws, made of reed and wheat. Available in: Ø3-6 mm, Ø8-9 mm, Ø10-12 mm.

For drinks, smoothies & milkshakes and boba! Stronger than paper straws, cheaper than bamboo straws! No minimum orders, best prices, speed delivery!

Unlike paper straws, wheat and reed straws do not get soggy.

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What are the benefits of sustainable straw straws for horeca?

Strong + Eco-friendly.

100% natural. Your drinks will look immediately eco-friendly.

Stronger than paper straws. Our straws don't get soggy, so they'll last almost forever in your drink.

Softer than plastic straws. With their natural structure, our straws feel soft and smooth while you drink.

Super compostable. PLA and sugar cane straws need industrial installations to biodegrade. Our straws just need nature.

Gluten free. Gluten is found in the seeds of cereal grains. As we only use the stem of the plant with no seeds, our straws are safe to use.

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How are sustainable wheat straws made for horeca?

Collect stems
Harvest stems
After every harvest stems of cereal plants are left behind as agricultural waste.
Cut stems
The straws are being handcut into drinking straws.
Sterilise stems
Sterilise stems
The straws are cleaned with sterilising methods using hot water. No chemicals or bleach involved.
Drinking straw ready to use
Drinking straw
Ready to be served with your cocktails and juices!

100% straw. Nothing beats nature.

The one and only ingredient of our straws is... wheat straw. The natural structure of this plant stem keeps it strong and solid for days in liquid. 

In our opinion, sustainability should be affordable and accessible. That is why we offer the best prices worldwide.

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What does the press say about sustainable straws?

What are sustainable wheat straws?