Our Promise

Going sustainable. One straw at a time.

Why do we produce plastic straws if real straws already grow in the nature?
Where do you think the word 'straw' came from?

Aesthetic Sustainability

Living consciously and sustainably is not only necessary,
it is the modern lifestyle.
Protecting the ocean goes hand in hand
with a happy and healthy life, without any compromises. 

Stop Single Use Plastics

Every year, we use 36.4 billion plastic straws across Europe.
For something we use only once, this is unacceptable and unnecessary.
We are here to redefine a sustainable hospitality industry.
In every step that we take, we choose better alternatives
and will make them accessible to anyone, anywhere.

Sustainable Development Goals

In addition to taking personal responsibility for the environment,
we also commit to SDG's 12 and 14.
Read more about it HERE


Try these ocean-friendly straws: