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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of drinks are the wheat straws suitable for? 

Cocktails, lemonades, fresh juices, tap water, soft drinks, gin tonics, other alcoholic drinks. Only no milkshakes due to the small diameter.

Are the straws also suitable for hot drinks? 

Yes, our straw straws can be used in both cold and hot drinks. 

Are Straw by Straw wheat straws gluten-free? 

Yes, our straw straws are gluten free! They have been tested at the Nutrilab lab.

What happens if the straws end up in nature?

Our straw straws are 100% natural and compostable. So even if they end up in nature​, they serve as nutrients for the Earth. 

Are bleaching agents or other cleaning agents used during the production process of the wheat straws?

No! Our straws are 100% pure nature. No chemicals or bleaching agents are​ added. 

In which bin do I dispose the wheat straw​s?

Our straws are made out of straw so you can dispose them in the compost bin, or GFT. They’re 100% wheat, nothing else added. 

What are the available sizes of the straw straws? 

Our straws are available in the following sizes: 

tumblers: 15 cm (Ø 3-7 mm)

long drinks: 20 cm (Ø 3-7 mm)

bottles: 23 cm (Ø 3-7 mm) 

Can I choose a specific diameter? 

The straw straws are a natural product. Each box contains straws with mixed diameters. It is unfortunately not possible to deliver one specific diameter. 

What type of packaging do the straws come in? 

All straws come in original Straw by Straw branded paper boxes and tube boxes.

What is the delivery time of the straws? 

Netherlands, Belgium and Germany: 1-4 working days. For international deliveries, please contact 

Can I become a reseller, distributor or importer of Straw by Straw products? 

Yes that is possible, thank you so much for showing interest in our beautiful product! We love starting new partnerships. Please send an email to ​​ for more info. 


Every day we use millions of plastic disposables around the globe. Why continue with that when there are millions of straws growing in the nature every year?

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