Collaborating with the hospitality and events industries

We are an activist brand that accelerates a sustainable lifestyle. This means a balanced, healthy, and honest planet with care for our oceans. Taking these steps in our lives and businesses should be fun, accessible, and honest. Eco-friendly and loving, with no compromises to our current quality of living. We work together with the hospitality and event industries to accomplish our mission of activating everyone to adopt a conscious and eco friendly lifestyle.

Straw by Straw

Naturally grown straws

The most eco friendly drinking straws

There are many alternatives to plastic straws such as straws made from corn starch, potato starch, paper, but also PLA. Why are our harvest straws more eco-friendly than the other options? By using these straws as drinking straws, we turn agricultural waste into value. Every year, cereals are harvested for food. As the stalks remain on land, they are often being burned or used for animal bedding… but we can use them as drinking straws. This way we turn leftover waste into value while fighting plastics from the source.

Straws vs other straws
Straws vs other straws


Straws vs other straws
Straws vs other straws

Plastic Facts

36.4 billion plastic straws in Europe every year

A line of plastic straws around the globe every 2 days is used within the fastfood chains in Europe. This means that a total use, including beverage brands, events and the hospitality industry is even more. "Over time, plastic falls apart into small fragments, transforming all the water around us into a big soup full of microplastics. These particles enter the marine food chain because plankton and other small animals mistake them for food." Source: Seas At Risk and Plastic Soup Foundation

Plastic Straws