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Fill in your details and we will send the samples to you FOR FREE within 2 business days.  Available samples:

15 cm (cocktail straws), 20 cm (longdrink straws), 23 cm (bottle straws)

8-9 mm (Jumbo smoothie straws), 10-12 mm (boba straws).

Have you tried out eco-friendly straw straws yet?

Sustainable straws in all sizes, try now for free!

The benefits of eco-friendly straws:

1. Strong. Stronger than paper straws, these original straw straws do not get soggy

2. Sustainable look. Your drinks will look sustainable as our straw straws do not look like plastics or PLA

3. Known from: Your customers and visitors will recognise the original straw straws from: Business Insider, Vogue Magazine, NOS, RTL 4, and more media

4. Available in all sizes! 15, 20 and 23 cm. 3-6mm, 8-9 mm, 10-12mm!

The eco-friendly straws FREE try-out packs are on us!

Please fill in your details. Do not forget to mention your company name, as we'll only send these to businesses.


Order eco-friendly wheat straws at your favourite wholesaler