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Free samples of plastic free reed straws

Straw by Straw offers natural reed straws and wheat straws with no plastic. If you haven't seen them yet you may want to try them.

This sample pack is perfect for you if you are a horeca professional and you want:

🌱 to impress your customers with quality

🌱 to make your drinks look aesthetic

🌱 eco-friendly straws that don't get soggy

🌱 straws that are SUP proof and allowed in the EU

🌱 sustainable straws with no plastic

🌱 reed straws and wheat straws for the sharpest prices

🌱 to stay with your current supplier.

If you choose Straw by Straw, you don't need to switch your supplier because our products are available at HANOS, Bidfood, Sligro and Biofutura!

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Looking to buy eco-friendly straws for horeca?

Request a tailored offer and receive a try-out pack of 100 straws to try out with your customers. Impress your customers with our original straw straws. They look aesthetic and do not get soggy like paper straws. Here is why else you should choose Straw by Straw:


- Shipping within 24 hrs on workdays

- Competitive worldwide rates

- Free coasters and bar tools to show how sustainable your company is



- Save time. Our sustainable straws are single-use. You do not have to wash them like bamboo or metal straws.

- Visually sustainable. With PLA or cornstarch straws, consumers might think they are plastic. Prevent discussions with your customers by showing immediately how eco-friendly you are.




Straw straws size: 15 cm (tumblers) 20 cm (long drink) 23 cm (bottles)
1 x 500 straws € 9,99 € 11,99 € 12,99
4 x 500 straws € 39,96 € 47,96 € 51,00
6 x 500 straws

€ 59,00

€ 71,00

€ 77,00


Need more boxes? contact

1 carton box = 24 tubes x 500 straws.

1 pallet = 30 carton boxes x 24 tubes. 

Contact us for a tailored offer, call or whatsapp +31648142608