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Honey, drop it when it's hot!

You may have seen the original honey marbles at Horecava, we are launching them soon. Subscribe below to get on the pre-order list.

What are Honey Marbles? Marbles (small balls) of honey for in your tea. With these marbles you do not any packaging, because they dissolve in 60º Celsius. That means no aluminium sticks, no plastic cups, no honey in a plastic spoon! These honey marbles replace all packaging. Just drop it, stir it, drink it!  

Why do we launch this? Honey for your tea is often provided in a plastic cup, a plastic spoon or an aluminium stick. We think these packagings are unnecessary for honey and so we tried to find a nice, practical and aesthetic solution.

What are Honey Marbles made of? The outside is made out of beef gelatine. The inside of the marble is 100% honey. 

Why beef gelatine and not plant based? We listened to all your feedback. This is a first step of our packaging free honey. The most practical ingredient at this moment was beef gelatine because it doesn't melt too fast nor too slow. Of course we are working on more solutions to make them available for everyone! 

Where can I buy the Honey Marbles? Subscribe below to be one of the first restaurants, cafés or bars on the reservation list! We will reserve your spot and notify you before we officially launch the pretty Honey Marbles. 

1 Honey Marble = 7 gr of honey

1 box = 12 x 20 Honey Marbles = 240 pcs

Packs Honey Marbles Pricing
120 x 7 g
€ 27,75
1 240 x 7 g
€ 53,25
6 1440 x 7 g
€ 300,25