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Free samples of plastic free reed straws

Straw by Straw offers natural reed straws and wheat straws with no plastic. If you haven't seen them yet you may want to try them.

This sample pack is perfect for you if you are a horeca professional and you want:

🌱 to impress your customers with quality

🌱 to make your drinks look aesthetic

🌱 eco-friendly straws that don't get soggy

🌱 straws that are SUP proof and allowed in the EU

🌱 sustainable straws with no plastic

🌱 reed straws and wheat straws for the sharpest prices

🌱 to stay with your current supplier.

If you choose Straw by Straw, you don't need to switch your supplier because our products are available at HANOS, Bidfood, Sligro and Biofutura!

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Sustainable Development Goals

Building a sustainable company from the start.

We started our journey to make a positive social impact end-to-end – from production and logistics to delivering products to you. Being as sustainable as possible may be challenging but, luckily, the United Nations has provided clear guidelines and goals we can all participate in. These are the sustainable development goals of Straw by Straw:

12. Responsible consumption and production. For every step in our supply chain we look at the most eco friendly and ethical processes. Not only do we expect our own behaviour to be sustainable, we raise environmental awareness to all our partners and suppliers.

14. Life below water. We always strive to conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources. Every one who works at our company is assigned to do at least 2 cleanups (either a canal or a beach cleanup). On top of that, we donate all the proceeds from our clothing line "No Fish Ever Trashed Your House" to startups and organisations that have committed to finding a solution to plastic pollution.