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Reusable mug or disposable paper cup?

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Paper cups or reusable mugs?

The environmental impact of the production process can be perceived as the same. However, you CAN make an impact in how and how often you use a paper cup or reusable mug.

Cleaning your mug with (hot) water after every drink has a high environmental impact (CO2). Cleaning your mug in a dish washer also has an environmental impact (electricity needed). Choosing for a reusable mug is only eco friendlier than paper cups if you use your mug several times before washing it.

The environmental impact in the production process of a paper cup is much lower and because you don't have to clean it, you don't have an environmental impact after use. But yes it's a waste if you use it only once...

So if you choose a paper cup please consider:

1. Although it's paper, please reuse it, you can simply rinse it.

2. Also consider recycling it by collecting used ones.

Still don't know if your office needs mugs or paper? Read this article for a full explanation:…/voo…/wegwerpbekertje-of-mok/

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