Sustainable reed straws from Europe

The European Union has taken the first steps to ban single-use plastics. The goal of this new legislation is to reduce plastic pollution that is harming our oceans and waterways, as well as wildlife. This includes straws, cutlery, plates, cotton swabs with plastic stems, balloon sticks and stirrers made from plastic and PLA. Many restaurants are already on board with these changes since they have been phasing out their use for some time now. Wholesalers are not allowed to sell plastic or PLA products since July 2021. Starting from January 2022 it is also not allowed anymore to use these products in your restaurant or bar. So if you have stock left of for example plastic straws, #geenplastic straws or PLA materials, finish it and switch to natural and eco-friendly alternatives before 1 January 2022. 

Our sole purpose is to help businesses become more sustainable by finding the best alternatives to plastic or PLA straws. That is why our straws are made from reed or wheat.  Our reed straws can be used at home as well as restaurants and bars looking for an alternative to single use plastics.

Sustainable reed straws from Europe are now available for purchase at HANOS, Bidfood and Natureko. These high quality straws are made with European standards of sustainability in mind, as well as the health and safety of those who will be consuming beverages through these straws. They can be used to drink both hot and cold liquids, so they're great all year round! Let's take a look at what makes these sustainable reed straws so great: 

1) Made from 100% natural materials – sustainably harvested 

2) Produced locally in Europe

3) These eco-friendly straws with a big diameter do not get soggy

4) Straw by Straw offers the sharpest prices in Europe


If you haven’t already switched over your disposable products in your hotel, bar or restaurant then you might want to start looking into it sooner rather than later! 

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