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Which sustainable straws are right for my restaurant?

If you're a food and beverage manager, buyer, or purchaser of restaurant supplies, it's important to be aware that there are many different types of straws on the market. There are many options on the market, and it can be difficult to know what is best for your business. In order to make sure your establishment is using the best straw for their needs, we've created this handy guide!

PLA, paper, bamboo, metal, glass straws - what's the best option for restaurants and why? This is how to choose between different types of sustainable straws:

1. What is the type of beverage?

The best sustainable straw for your drink is going to depend on the type of beverage. For iced drinks, smoothies and milkshakes you'll want a wider diameter so that it can easily slip through ice cubes without breaking. The downside is these types of pens don't work well if they are used with thicker liquids like yogurt or milk shakes because there's not enough space in between them and their mouth piece; this might lead some people to suffer from difficulty drinking those fluids when using an eco-friendly glass straws. That being said bamboo, paper, metal or PLA (polylactic acid) all have pros and cons but each will keep plastic out of our landfills while we enjoy cold beverages!


2. Reusable or disposable?

Reusable straws are a relatively new invention. People seem to be divided on whether or not they agree with the sustainability and hygiene of these products. Some people like that glass is transparent, but others worry about cost as well as breakage from accidents when used in workplace settings such as bars and restaurants.

3. Paper straws are popular but they get soggy. So you are probably wondering ‘What is an alternative to paper or plastic that I should consider if it's not the right choice for me?’ There are a few options: wheat, reed, cane and bamboo fiber. Here we will go over their pros and cons so you can decide which one best suits your needs!


Wheat straws. One of my favourite straws is the wheat straw. Made from eco-friendly materials, it's perfect for juice and cold drinks. The diameter makes them look aesthetically pleasing in any drink you put one into - but they work great with some cocktails too! They are just not suitable for milkshakes, smoothies or bubble tea.

Pricing: These sustainable straws only cost 0.019 per piece which is a sharp price on top of their sustainability features. 


Reed straws are perfect for drinking milkshakes, smoothies and boba teas. They come in a variety of sizes, ranging from 6 mm to 14 mm. These straws last long without getting soggy or breaking easily since they're very strong! You can wash them with your dishwasher 4-6 times before you need to throw it away - but we don't recommend reusing these at your restaurant or bar because of hygienic reasons. You can definitely gift them to your customers. 

Pricing: These are available for 0.06 - 0.12 yet provide great quality big jumbo straws that will make any drink look cool on social media! 


Bamboo fiber straws are perfect for boba tea, juice and even milkshakes. They come in different diameters and the prices vary depending on what you get but it's still a great price overall. The quality is just slightly lower than reed straws but much better than paper straws which makes them good!

Pricing: 0.06-0.12 which is a great price and close to reed straws. The quality is just a bit different.  

Eco-friendly straws are a must for any restaurant or bar. Not only do they help save the environment, but they also look amazing in your drinks! Check out our collection of eco-friendly straws here to find one that works best with your needs and aesthetic. We have options from wheat and reed, from small to big diameters so you should be able to find what you need within this list!


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