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Straw by Straw offers natural reed straws and wheat straws with no plastic. If you haven't seen them yet you may want to try them.

This sample pack is perfect for you if you are a horeca professional and you want:

🌱 to impress your customers with quality

🌱 to make your drinks look aesthetic

🌱 eco-friendly straws that don't get soggy

🌱 straws that are SUP proof and allowed in the EU

🌱 sustainable straws with no plastic

🌱 reed straws and wheat straws for the sharpest prices

🌱 to stay with your current supplier.

If you choose Straw by Straw, you don't need to switch your supplier because our products are available at HANOS, Bidfood, Sligro and Biofutura!

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Our Story

Everlyn Liu

 Straw by Straw offers sustainable products to the hospitality industry,  without compromising on fun or aesthetics.

It’s 2020, and plastic is fast becoming public enemy #1. The devastating effects of plastic on the environment are now widely known. Bars and restaurants are jumping on board the trend by banning the use of plastic straws. 

Straw by Straw was founded by Ev Liu, a recreational diver, so she’s someone who has been aware of the effects of plastic for a long time. When starting her entrepreneurial journey, Ev could see that awareness around the issue was not enough by itself -- to have an impact, you need to provide an innovative solution.

With a focus on sustainable progress, Ev started looking for a biodegradable material that could be the answer to a problem people were starting to commonly face - what to do about plastic straws?! But somewhat suddenly, she realised the word ‘drinking straw’ was derived from real straws, and so Straw by Straw was born!

Now, the company continues to provide high-quality, sustainable and aesthetically pleasing straws, while lowering the price to increase access and using the product to open the conversation around plastic and the environment. 

Stocked in restaurants like De Japanner, Amsterdam’s cult Asian eatery, Straw by Straw is a hit with consumers, and proves that you don’t have to sacrifice comfort or style for a sustainable lifestyle. 

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Our Promise 

Save the ocean
Going sustainable. One straw at a time.

 Why do we produce plastic straws if real straws already grow in the nature? Where do you think the word "straw" came from?!

Stop Single Use Plastics

Every year, we use 36.4 billion plastic straws across Europe.
For something we use only once, this is unacceptable and unnecessary.
We are here to redefine a sustainable hospitality industry.
In every step that we take, we choose better alternatives
and will make them accessible to anyone, anywhere.

Sustainable Development Goals

In addition to taking personal responsibility for the environment,
we also work to aide the SDG's 12 and 14.
Read more about it HERE

Aesthetic Sustainability

Living consciously and sustainably is not only necessary,
it is the modern lifestyle.
Protecting the ocean goes hand in hand
with a happy and healthy life, without any compromises.